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I’ve been told people like to follow and talk me, presumably for updates or in the desperate hopes I say something funny. While I do have a contact page and my blog updates fairly regularly, you might want to talk to me more causally, or get more frequent or more offtopic updates. And if those things aren’t your sort of deal, I also have some old-fashion newsletters that’ll deliver blog posts and story updates to your email.

Social Media

Here are some official places you can find me, with varying degrees of personal updates among them. No promises as to how frequently I update, but news will always be crossposted!

Facebook: Alex B. Cadillac
Twitter: AlexBCadillac
Tumblr: AlexBCadillac

Here are some profiles that are less traditional social media;

Goodreads: Alex B. Cadillac
NaNoWriMo: AlexBCadillac


If causal chatting is your thing, I run a Discord server for Eethen; this is basically an instant messaging service with different “channels” of topics and discussion. It’s free to join and you’re welcome to come in and chat if you’d like to!



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