Characters & Families

This page was last updated on: November 5th, 2017.

The world of Eethen is populated by a vast many characters – and many legacy families as well. This page is a quick reference for the characters you may read or hear about; even the ones that haven’t been officially released yet. Stay tuned for more names and shout out to me if I’ve missed anything!

Information is sorted first by characters themselves, then a list of legacy lines, and lastly a quick overview of Eethen’s provinces at the bottom.


Legacy Lines

Eethen is run by families known as ‘legacy lines’. Genetically altered to inherit memories and skills related to a particular job, legacy families manage certain aspects of society to ensure that knowledge and civilization will not erupt into chaos or disappear in the event of disaster. This is a complete list of legacy families, though it should be noted that not all of them have existed at the same time period. All legacies are descended from the Great King Eethen Zane.

All legacies have either a Lady or a Lord who runs the family, with a council of elders who assists them. Families may also ‘sublines’, which are branches of the family tree that specialize in different areas (for example, a subline that farms and a subline that raises livestock) – they may also have region/provincial groups. Families can number in the thousands. As well, while legacies are global and can be found anywhere, all families are ‘based’ out of a specific province, where they usually have an estate that their Lady or Lord lives in.

Royal Lines;

von Clawen
    The first royal line – manages Eethen’s federal government from the capital.

    Paralone’s royal line – manages their provincial government.

    Vaspa’s royal line – manages their provincial government.

    Threll’s royal line – manages their provincial government.

    Abyrdeen’s royal line – manages their provincial government.


    Manages the economy and currency.

    In charge of global and local communications and the network (internet).

    Deals with governmental administration. Keeps the place running.

    Pseudo-legacies with no genetic coding; guards of the royal families.


    The agricultural line – manages food production.

    In charge of manufacturing and factories in general.

    Manages transportation of people and things; includes all planes, ships, etc.

    In charge of ‘utilities’. Keeps the lights on and the water running everywhere.

    Doctors, surgeons and medical researchers of the world.

    Deals with mental health. Eventually merges into the Hope line.

    A misc. family that deals with care of people; nurses, social workers, etc.


Sia Lau
    Architects and designers of buildings, colonies and such.

    Statistics, strategists and organizers – of cities, governments and colonies.

    Teachers and educators of traditional schools, kindergarten to university.

    Archivists charged with chronicling history and knowledge. Split from Patels.

    Teachers and holy ministers of various religious expressions and paths.

    The creativity line – encourages and discovers creative expression.



    The law line; primarily police officers, with some lawyers and judges.

    The crime family; tasked with deciding what crime is acceptable.

    The intelligence family; lots of spies and security councils.

    The military line; Eethen’s soldiers.


    Originally all sciences, later just hard (bio, physics, chem) sciences.

    Space sciences. Split from the Li line.

    Natural and earth-based sciences. Split from the Li line.

    Water and ocean-based sciences. Split from the Li line.

    Invention, innovation and control of technology.


Provinces and Locations

Eethen is the name of the planet my characters live in – it is slightly more than twice the size of Earth, has three moons and rings around the planet. It has a single planet-wide federal government, with provincial sub-governments on each of the planet’s continents.

King’s Crown; “the capital”
    The original landing spot of Eethen’s first colony, the King’s Crown is a massive tropical island near the planet’s equator, ringed on most sides with mountains and hosting the planet’s capital in the resulting valley. It is the home of Eethen’s King, federal government and council of legacy lords. It is sometimes called ‘the cap’ and its residents sometimes called ‘capitalists’.

    The first continent to be colonized, Paralone is Eethen’s longest continent, going vertically down Eethen’s surface. It is the closest continent to the capital on the west side, and is half plains and forests and half a networking system of super-trees called the Forest of Kee – the two regions are divided down the vertical middle by the planet’s longest mountain range. Paralone is Eethen’s primary production centre. Both it and its people are sometimes referred to as ‘para’ or ‘paras’.

Vaspa or Ci’Chell/Ci’Kell;
    The other continent bordering the capital on the east side, Vaspa is a crescent shaped continent composed mostly of flat grasslands, deserts and dangerous winds. Most of Vaspa’s population is scattered, prone to living in hidden villages; despite this, it is known as the land of teachers, and has both many educated individuals but also many universities. It has gone through many name changes, and its people are prone to wearing headscarves.

    A massive continent capping the south pole, Threll’s entire population lives along the coastline, where the ice turns to tundra. It is a land stuck in a near-permanent winter and its people are quite stubborn as a result. Threll was the first continent to declare independence from the capital and this led to both the formation of provincial governments, as well as of provincial royalty lines. Historically, it has hosted and trained much of Eethen’s armies and is seen as a centre of justice.

Abyrdeen or Metatora;
    Eethen’s smallest and most northern province, Abyrdeen borders Vaspa’s northern edge and is known for a strange mixture of mountains, snow and volcanic activity. Due to its remote and mostly undisturbed nature, Abyrdeen has long-since been home to many of Eethen’s scientific and technological centres – it also hosted Eethen’s original space centres. 

    Eethen’s most remote continent, located on the ‘far’ side of the planet, Kalcoda is primarily a series of large, tropical islands. They host the vast majority of Eethen’s food production, as well as the penal colonies that Eethen uses for long-term sentencing. Kalacoda, despite having a provincial government, does not actually have a royal line or any specific legacy lines that are based out of it.

Toykeo, Londen and York
    Eethen’s three moons. Londen is the largest and the first to be ‘colonized’ later in Eethen’s history, with York being a popular residential location and Toykeo, the smallest, primarily hosting scientific and governmental bases.