I’m Alex B. Cadillac, a queer Canadian writer with way too many ideas. A good portion of these stories are set on a distant planet called Eethen, a nearly-dystopian world ruled by genetically altered legacy families.

This site is something of an easy portal to the various things that I have available. A lot of my stories are still in development – so I’d recommend keeping an eye on my blog for updates or signing up for a newsletter! My first few books are currently in various states of first drafts.

About Eethen

The world of Eethen is a distant planet, where the most important tasks and duties of society are run by bloodlines known as legacies. Originally genetically altered by alien technology millennia ago, the decedents of these families are born with inherited memories, knowledge and instincts compelling them to carry out the jobs set before them.

From the Hopes, the sharp and selfless practicers of medicine, to the studious and all-knowing Shangs, historians and keepers of knowledge, to the Vi’Kotans, the vicious and dangerous moral balancers of Eethen’s criminal underworld, there are legacies from the highest courts of laws to the most thankless labours.

The stories in Eethen follow the many paths that legacies take; you’ll see how genetic memories twist children into soldiers, how the voices of ancestors long dead drive people to do the impossible, how being born to do the same job as thousands before has created amazing individuals – and more than a few traitors. Wars are fought, governments are created, lands are won and lost and people are saved and destroyed on the backs of pre-written destiny, human ingenuity and pure luck – and I plan to tell you all about it.

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions, they can be submitted via my contact page. Frequent or good questions may be anonymously added to this page.

Q: What pronouns do you use?

A: I use They / Them / Their as gender pronouns instead of she or he. These can be a bit tricky to learn so I’m not offended if people make mistakes – as long as an honest effort is made! A good website for practicing pronouns is Minus 18’s Pronouns App, which walks you through sentences with examples of gender-neutral pronouns and tests you on correct usage.

Q: When did you start writing?

A: I started fiction writing when I was about nine or ten years old, with my first attempts including a Warrior Cats knock-off involving South American parrots and some Neopets fanfiction. I wrote the first draft of what would later become Provenance several years later when I was around twelve or thirteen; a group self-insert fanfiction called The Price To Pay, the details of which were scraped over many, many rewrites. The Price To Pay soon became a story called Eradicate, from which the world of Eethen was born. Now I’m working on the first books of the Eethen Series.

Q: How many books will there be in the Eethen series?

A: Honestly, I’m not sure. I have vague plans to write at least one story – which might be a short story, a novella, a standalone novel or a book series – for every century of the Eethen timeline, but I’m not sure if I’ll live long enough to manage it! I hope to collaborate with some other people at some point to bring the story of Eethen to other formats, possibly as a webcomic or animated series, and these collaborations will most likely take the spots where I would have written stories instead. Rest assured; you will probably see new Eethen stories in some format for as long as I am physically capable of thinking.

Q: What genre is the Eethen series?

A: While individual stories may have their own feelings and genres, ranging from action to horror to slice of life, the Eethen series is as a whole considered science fiction. More specifically, I usually define it as dystopian and space opera style sci-fi, though this varies depending upon the story.

Q: You mentioned being queer – what do you identify as exactly?

A: Good question! I use queer as an umbrella term for my overall identity, however in concerns to both gender and sexual identity, I do use specific terms.

I am a trans non-binary person, meaning I am not and I do not feel male or female in any capacity. I am transgender as I am transitioning from my assigned gender and I am non-binary as I don’t identify with either of the traditional “binary” genders (man/woman). I use the term agender to describe myself, which means non-gendered; I don’t feel any association with femininity, masculinity or anything else. The terms gender-nonconforming, gender-neutral or genderqueer can sometimes apply but they are not usually the ones I use beyond descriptions.

As for my sexuality, I am aromantic bisexual and proud of it. Aromantic is a term that means I do not experience romantic attraction; outside of a relationship, I don’t feel any urge to date or engage in romantic gestures – though I will do so for my partner while in a relationship. I am also bisexual as I am sexually attracted to men, women and everyone in between (that meaning non-binary people).

As mentioned above, I do use the gender-neutral pronouns They / Them / Their.